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Stream Restoration

Our founders—Brian Belcher, PE, PhD and Case Davis, PE—started BCH to specialize in stream and wetland restoration services.  We provide services for stable, sustainable, and thriving ecosystems that optimize hydrological, biological, social, and economic benefits.

Stream restoration is our business. We are committed to providing the highest quality restoration projects because we are passionate about protecting, restoring, and preserving our country’s waterways. Our engineers and ecologists are subject matter experts in stream restoration, geomorphology, hydrology and hydraulics, sediment transport, aquatic biology and ecology, riparian vegetation, water quality, and permitting.  

We provide our clients with cost-effective, stable streams that meet your project-specific requirements.  In this sense, stability is defined as “a river or stream’s ability in the present climate to transport the streamflows and sediment of its watershed, over time, in such a manner that the channel maintains its dimension, pattern, and profile without either aggrading or degrading” (Rosgen 2011).  Stream restoration project goals are varied and can include channel stability for infrastructure or land protection, habitat restoration, water quality improvements such as nutrient reduction, regulatory requirements for compensatory mitigation, and many others.  Stream restoration for compensatory mitigation is a growing industry, and we are experts in permitting requirements and project implementation to further the national stream and wetland compensatory mitigation program.  We create mitigation credits in a timely manner to keep the national mitigation portfolio moving forward.  

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